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Kincora Accordions carry out a full repair & maintenance service on all types and makes of accordions; Diatonic, Chromatic, or Piano.

So whether its a full restoration or just a check-up, call us for a quote today..


  • Rewaxing Reeds
  • Action Regulating
  • Revalving Reeds
  • Replace broken springs
  • Tuning to customers specifications
  • Air leaks
  • Replacing or repairing Bellows.
  • Bushings,
  • Bass buttons
  • Action Regulation
  • Key Conversions: e.g. B|C to C#|D
  • Hohner Bass conversions a speciality
  • Full and Partial Retune
  • Replacememt of Shoulder Strap Brackets etc etc.

Services include:   A 12 month guarantee on all repair work.



Of all the accordions that I have played – the Kincora is the Rolls Royce. It is very responsive – has lovely tone – is balanced beautifully from treble to bass and has a lovely action – all these qualities make it very enjoyable to play.

Aodán Moynihan, Westmeath

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