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About Kincora

Kincora has been producing accordions of the very highest quality for the past 17 years.  Using  our vast knowledge and skills in accordion repairs and haven taken recommendations and advice  from some of the country’s best accordionists we are producing  high quality  instruments that  satisfy the demands of today’s players.

Our accordions are used by many Professional and All-Ireland winning players.

We are also happy to offer our services in tuning and repairs.

About Martin:

Martin Connolly is highly respected  as both an accordion maker and musician.  A native of Killaloe, Co. Clare, he now resides in Ennis, Co. Clare.  Martin grew up in a home where music was a major part of everyday life.  Both his Parents were musicians.  His father  Mick played flute and step-danced in the Old Traditional style . His mother Lena played piano and accordion.  Both his Brothers also played music, Michael played piano and Seamus  the fiddle.  Seamus is one of the world’s most  renowned Masters of the Irish fiddle  and is  currently Director of the Irish Studies Programme at Boston College.  Accordions and the love of them have been a major part of Martin life.  His interest  in them began at a very early age when he began listening  to his Mother  playing on an old Hohner accordion which was held together with a combination of Safety pins, Band aids and Scotch tape. With music sessions commonplace in Connolly’s home in Killaloe and with  household names such  as Paddy O’Brien , Joe Burke,   Paddy Canny, Charlie and Ben Lennon and numerous other great musicians coming together to join Brothers Michael and Séamus , it was inevitable that Martin would continue the tradition. With encouragement from his Family and the visiting musicians, Martin  was given  an accordion and progressed to win  Ist  place in Ireland  on the 2 Row accordion at all levels culminating with the Senior Title in Listowel Co Kerry in 1978.  Martin has developed into one of Ireland’s top accordion players without ever compromising the music  to fall into this elite category.

Of all the accordions that I have played – the Kincora is the Rolls Royce. It is very responsive – has lovely tone – is balanced beautifully from treble to bass and has a lovely action – all these qualities make it very enjoyable to play.

Aodán Moynihan, Westmeath

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